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A mnemonic device

This is a strategy that Marcela learned in high school and that she now shares with her students. 

She has been able to remember that the indirect object pronouns le and les change to se when they are used with the direct object pronouns  (lo, los, la, and las) by keeping the following sentences in mind:

You can't le lo.
You can't le la.

She associates the last parts of the previous sentences with a phrase and a proper name whose sounds resemble those of le lo and le la

You can't le lo = You can't lay low.
(You can't lay down on the ground).

You can't le la = You can't "Layla."
 (You can't sing Eric Clapton's song "Layla").

"It's kind of a weird way to remember it, but it works:  'You can't lay low, and you can't Layla'."




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