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Do you know what ATM, CD-ROM, FAQ, and RADAR stand for?  We may not remember or may never have known, but it doesn’t really matter.  The important thing is we know what they mean!  With the above examples, they are acronyms for the following:  “Automated Teller Machine,” “Compact Disc Read-Only Memory,” “Frequently Asked Questions,” and “Radio Detection And Ranging,” and the acronyms are a convenient shortcut for retrieving the concept.

In the same vein, recalling important grammar information may be easier and quicker through the creation and/or use of acronyms.    

Check the following links to get some helpful ideas on how to use acronyms to better learn and use Spanish.


PRINT & LITE (Ser & estar)

DUWIT (Imperfect)

WEIRD (Subjunctive)

WEDDING (Subjunctive)

MATCHED (Subjunctive)

DEDO (Subjunctive)

LONERS (Gender of nouns)

RED - Touch Down – PGC (When to use para)




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