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Do you ever feel like you just can’t make a decision: What to wear in the morning, what to eat for breakfast, which classes to take next semester? This feeling of uncertainty or lack of clarity can be expressed in Spanish by means of the subjunctive mood.

The subjunctive mood can be among the hardest verb forms for native English speakers to learn because there isn’t an explicit verb form for it in English. Learning how and when to use subjunctive forms in Spanish takes a lot of practice.

Before learning when to use it, you have to learn how to use it. The following strategies from fellow Spanish learners might help you with these challenging verb forms.

How to form the subjunctive

Two rhymes

How to remember the irregular subjunctive forms

A chant

When to use the subjunctive

Subjunctive vs. indicative

Linking mood of verb to weather

Distinguishing between known information and new information in adverbial clauses with aunque

Paying attention to the meaning of expressions




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