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When to use the subjunctive can be a challenge.  Here’s what Marcela has to say:

 “Sometimes the subjunctive can be a little difficult to understand, but I think it’s helpful to remember the situations in which you can use the subjunctive.”

 To remember when to use it, Marcela simply remembers (and tells her students) that the subjunctive is WEIRD because each of the five letters calls up one or more situations for using the subjunctive. As she explains, “when you’re thinking about ‘do I use the subjunctive or not?’ you can think of … the word ‘weird’ and try to remember all the different situations and see if the situation that you’re looking at requires you to use the subjunctive or not based on this acronym that you can remember.”

Another student uses the word WEIRDO and adds ojalá (‘God willing’) for O.








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