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Two rhymes

"Think yo, drop the –o, -a to -e and -e to –a”

Sam uses a rhyme to remember how to form the conjugation of the verb in the subjunctive.  She says…“Think yo, drop the -o, -a to -e, and -e to -a.” This rhyme helps her to remember that, “in order to form the subjunctive, I have to think in the yo form, drop the -o at the end of it and then change the –ar verbs to –er verbs and the –ir and –er verbs to –ar endings.”



Go yo, drop -o, add opp

Another student uses a similar rhyme to remember how to form the subjunctive. Her rhyme goes like this: “Go yo, drop -o, add opp.” In other words:

  1. go to the yo form,
  2. drop the -o ending*, and                                   *(or for verbs like estoy, the –oy)
  3. add the opposite ending.



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