Marathi and Hindi Thanks

In the Marathi and Hindi speech communities of South Asia, expressions of gratitude are used in public announcements (e.g., at railways, bus terminals, public conferences) in an elaborate formal manner. However, in a public situation involving exchange of goods (except for Westernized situations), no expressions of gratitude are given since in such a business transaction both parties benefit and there is no need for gratitude (Apte, 1974, p. 69).

Similarly, in interaction with family members or close friends, no verbal exchange of gratitude takes place. This is based on the idea that all family members have specific obligatory roles to play; thus, there is no room for verbal gratitude in such a society of mutual cooperation. Interaction among close friends can be considered an extension of family intimacy and verbal gratitude is not proper payment for favors done (Apte, 1974, p. 70).



Apte, M. L. (1974). "Thank you" and South Asian Languages: A comparative Sociolinguistic Study. Linguistics, 136, 67-89.

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