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This website is specifically dedicated to strategies for learning pragmatics (i.e., how we convey meaning through communication) in Spanish. The site explores various elements related to pragmatics such as communicative acts*, politeness, and conversational dynamics. Prior to entering any of the modules, we encourage you to explore the appropriate link above (For Student Learners, For Teachers, For Researchers). Enjoy your journey!

The Introduction To Pragmatics module is recommended as a starting point for all users. This introductory unit provides background information necessary for comprehension of the subsequent units that focus on communicative acts and pragmatic features of the Spanish language. Upon completion of this introductory unit, the modules may be completed in any order.

Introduction to Pragmatics

Complete this introductory unit,
prior to beginning the instructional modules below.

Three people walking into a castle

Each of the modules below will guide you through a specific communicative act or pragmatic feature of the Spanish language. As you move through the modules, you will note that some require more advanced language skills or focus on different pragmatic features (e.g., interaction, politeness). If you need help identifying the modules which best fit your interests or language skills, please visit What's My Level?

man and woman

Compliment Sequences

mother and child in street

Gratitude & Leave Taking



two women apologizing


2 people talking

Invitation Sequences

two business people talking

Service Encounters

two people arguing

Advice, Suggestions, Disagreements, Complaints & Reprimands

people sitting and talking

Considerations for Pragmatic Performance: A Reference Module

Federal funding through the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) at the University of Minnesota provided the necessary resources for the development of this site. It is a continuation of a parallel project completed in Japanese. More information, as well as an annotated bibliography, can be found at the CARLA Speech Act Website and through links on the summary page of each module. Should you have questions or encounter any technical difficulties as you move through the website, you may always contact us through the CONTACT INFORMATION link at the bottom of each page or by e-mailing us at *Note: The technical term for communicative acts is speech acts. However, for the purposes of this site, we will use the term communicative acts to convey a comprehensive view that includes verbal and non-verbal pragmatic features of language.

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