Selected Papers from the International Conference on Language Teacher Education

CARLA published five volumes of selected papers from six of the past Language Teacher Education conferences. Free PDFs of the volumes are available below:

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Research & Practice in Language Teacher Education: Voices from the Field
Selected Papers from the 1st International Conference on Language Teacher Education

Bill Johnston & Suzanne Irujo (Eds.)


  • Introduction: Voices from the Field
    Bill Johnston and Suzanne Irujo

The Knowledge Base of Language Teaching

  • How Can SLA Theories and SLA Researchers Contribute to Teachers' Practices?
    Julie Kerekes
  • The Expansive Nature of Interdisciplinary Language Teacher Education
    Jean Marie Schultz
  • A Study of the Role of Teachers' Beliefs and Knowledge about Assessment and Instruction
    Eva Ponte
  • The Interaction between Students' Beliefs and Teacher's Beliefs and Dilemmas
    Ana Maria Barcelos
  • Educating University Foreign Language Teachers to Work with Heritage Spanish Speakers
    Kim Potowski

Processes of Language Teacher Education and Teacher Development

  • Three Major Processes of Teacher Development and the Appropriate Design Criteria for Developing and Using Them
    Dick Allwright
  • Dedesigning FL Teacher Development: A European Perspective
    Michael Legutke and Marita Schocker-v. Ditfurt
  • A Drop of Color: What's the Point of ESL/Bilingual Language Arts Teacher Education?
    Leslie Poynor
  • Collaborative Research to Facilitate Non-native English Speaker Student Voices in a Second Language Acquisition Course
    Shelley Wong, Yuh-Yun Yen, Francis Bangou, and Carmen Chacon
  • Preparing Second Language Teachers for Low Incidence Situation
    Birna Arnbjšrnsd—ttir

Sociocultural and Political Contexts of Language Teacher Education

  • Professional Development as a Site for the Conceptualization and Negotiation of Bilingual Teacher Identities
    Manka Varghese
  • Perceptions of Professionalism among Elementary School ESL Teachers
    Tina Edstam
  • Creating a Framework for the Professional Development of Lecturers: The Berkeley Model
    Linda von Hoene and Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl
  • A Non-native English Teacher Educator's Response to Prevailing Sociocultural Conditions: Implications for TESOL Education Programs
    Mae Lombos Wlazlinski
  • The "Foreign" in Foreign Language Education
    Anna Hahn

Proceedings Cover

Creating Teacher Community
Selected Papers from the 3rd International Conference on Language Teacher Education
Martha Bigelow and Constance Walker (Eds.)


  • Creating Teacher Community
    Martha Bigelow and Constance Walker

Knowledge Base of Language Teacher Education

  • What Language Teachers Need to Know
    Claire Kramsch and Paige Ware
  • The Role of Second Language Preservice Teachers' Cognitive Processes and the Relationship between Theory and Practice
    Anne Dahlman
  • Sharing the Stage: Beliefs and Interactions in an ESL Class
    Colleen Maloney Berman and Lynne Yang

Social, Culture, and Political Contexts of Language Teacher Education

  • Language Teacher Education as Critical Practice
    Bonny Norton
  • Is ESL Just Good Teaching?
    Ester de Jong and Candace Harper
  • "OK, but it's not our Reality": ESOL Teachers' Knowledge of Context in a Curriculum Development Project
    Judy Sharkey
  • Intercultural Challenges and Cultural Scaffolding: The Experience of Nonnative English-Speaking Student Teacher in a U.S. Practicum in Second Language Teaching
    Noriko Ishihara

Processes of Language Teacher Education

  • Professional Development through Action Research for Language Educators
    Sujung Park, Zhijun Wang, and Satomi Kuroshima
  • Teacher Research in Vietnam: A Context-Sensitive Approach to Teacher Development
    Diana L. Dudzik
  • Using Language Objectives in a Teacher Education Programme
    Stella Kong
  • The Importance of Language Awareness in Late Immersion Teachers
    Philip Hoare
  • Language Teachers' Experiences of Language Learning and Their Effect on Practice
    Michle de Courcy
  • Course Design and Instruction in Online and On-Campus English as a Second Language Teacher Education: A Preliminary Quality Comparison
    Ann Mabbott and Andreas Schramm
  • Attitudinal Outcomes of an Exploration of Second Language Teaching Course
    Blair Bateman
  • Opportunities for Full Participation in a Global Community of Practice: The UMBC Egyptian Teacher-Leader Program
    Silvio Avenda–o-Garc’a & Susan M. Blunck

Proceedings Cover

Voice and Vision in Language Teacher Education
Selected Papers from the Fourth International Conference on Language Teacher Education

Bill Johnston & Kristin Walls (Eds.)


  • Introduction: Voice and Vision in Language Teacher Education
    Bill Johnston and Kristen Walls

The Knowledge Base of Language Teacher Education

  • Creating Narrative Inquiry Spaces in Teacher Education
    D. Jean Clandinin, Pam Steeves, and Simmee Chun
  • Reflections on ESL Learners: Disrupting Preconceptions
    Michle de Courcy
  • Teaching Grammar in the Foreign Language Classroom: Teacher Beliefs, Teacher Practices, and Current Research
    Connie Zucke
  • Relieving the Atlas Complex of Japanese Language Instructors through Implementation of CBI
    Atsuko Hayashi and Akemi Morioka
  • Output-Related Teaching Strategies Emphasized by Late Immersion Students
    Michle de Courcy and Karita MŒrd-Miettinen
  • Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts of Language Teacher Education Teaching Identity: The Discursive Construction of a Community of Practice
    Matthew Clarke
  • The Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) and its Influence on Language-Teacher Education
    Anu Virkkunen-Fullenwider

Collaborations in Language Teacher Education

  • Engaging with Tertiary Content Teachers about Students' Language Needs
    Alison Kirkness
  • Internationalization Begins at Home: Domestic Collaboration for International Second Language Teacher Education
    John L. Plews
  • Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn: Collaborating to Develop a "Context-Sensitive" ESL Teacher Education Program
    Jill Swavely, James Perren, and Shartriya Collier

Processes of Language Teacher Education

  • Reconfiguring the TESOL Methods Sequence
    Kimberley Brown and Kimberly R. LeVelle
  • Was it Really Worth It? Chinese EFL Teachers' Perceptions of the Effects of an Off-Shore Development Course on their Teaching
    Clare Conway and Heather Richards
  • Educating Second Language Writing Teachers: Issues and Suggestions
    Hacer Hande
  • Designing Knowledge About Language (KAL) Curriculum in Language-Teacher Education
    Rebecca Burns-Hoffman

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Bridging Contexts, Making Connections
Selected Papers from the 5th International Conference on Language Teacher Education
Mike Anderson & Anne Lazaraton (Eds.)

  • Introduction: Bridging Contexts, Making Connections
    Michael Anderson and Anne Lazaraton

  • Equipping Teachers to be Language Explorers: Exploring Language in the Classroom
    Elaine Tarone
  • Sociopolitical Contexts and Attitudes of Inquiry: Implications for Teacher Education
    Jo Tyler
  • Action Research in the Constructivist Model for Language Teacher Education
    Sarah Jourdain
  • Multicultural Education in a K-12 Modern Language Department: Reconciling the Professional Development Experience
    Martha Bigelow, Pamela Wesely, and Lora Opsahl
  • Program Assessment Based on Second Language Teacher Education Standards
    Ann Sax Mabbott
  • Professional Practitioners with Adaptive Expertise: Teacher Development in Djibouti
    Diana L. Dudzik
  • Instructional Choices of Mississippi Foreign Language Teachers
    Elizabeth Harrison
  • The Professional Development of Teachers of Heritage Language Learners: A Matrix
    Olga E. Kagan and Kathleen E. Dillon

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Expanding Our Horizons: Language Teacher Education in the 21st Century
Selected papers from the 6th and 7th International Language Teacher Education Conferences
Dan Soneson & Elaine Tarone (Eds.) with Anna Uhl Chamot, Anup Mahajan and Margaret Malone

  • Foreword: Expanding our Horizons
    Dan Soneson and Elaine Tarone

Theme I: Knowledge Base for Language Teacher Education

  • Confronting Issues in Language Teacher Education Research: A Re-Examination of Teacher Competency
    Drew Fagan
  • Teachers of Heritage Language Speakers: Perturbing Assumptions and Possible Solutions
    Kim Potowski, Kathleen Dillon, Davis Olga Kagan, Scott McGinnis, and Joy Peyton

Theme II: Social, Cultural, and Political Concerns of Language Teacher Education

  • When Language Teacher Educators, Language Policy Makers, and Politicians Meet: Lessons From the South
    Adriana Gonz‡lez
  • What Do ESL Teachers Need for Their Professional Development? The Voice From Ontario
    Hong Wang and Kangxian Zhao
  • Teaching in the Target Language: A Pedagogical Value Under Attack?
    Mark Warford

Theme III: Collaborations in Language Teacher Education

  • Burnout and the Beginning Teacher
    Dick Allwright and Ines Miller
  • Inclusivity and Trust: A Case Study of Principles in Practice
    Judith Hank
  • Collaborative Peer Mentoring of Graduate Assistants
    Jack Hardy and Man Li
  • Collaborative English Language Learner Program Evaluation
    Cynthia Lundgren, Ann Mabbott, and Deirdre Kramey

Theme IV: Practices in Language Teacher Education

  • Conversation Analysis as a Methodology for Examining Teacher Knowledge in Practice
    Drew Fagan
  • Teachers' Beliefs and Practices About Using the L2 in Instruction
    Linda Quinn Allen
  • A Sociocultural Approach to Collegiate Foreign Language Teacher Professionalization: Lesson Planning and Concept Development
    Kate Paesani
  • An Exploration Into Online Supervision
    Anja Bernardy
  • Using Technology to Promote Assessment Literacy: A Review of Three Approaches for Language Teacher Education
    Margaret E. Malone



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