Contextualized Writing Assessment - Sample

Theme: Keeping a journal

Your teacher has given you a chance to earn extra credit in your French/German/Spanish class by keeping a journal in French/German/ Spanish. You decide to take advantage of the offer. After looking at the assignment, you decide to start right away.

Write legibly
Write as much as you can
Show what you can do

Segment 1: A Great Day

Situation: Your teacher tells you to think about what a really great day is like for you, and to write about it in your journal.
Warm-up: Think about your idea of a great day, then take a minute to fill in the following chart in French/German/Spanish or English.
  • Your surroundings (location, sights, sounds, smells, etc.):
  • What you do:
  • Whom you are with, if anyone:
Task: Describe, in French/German/Spanish, your idea of a great day. You might want to include:
a description of your surroundings;
what you do;
3) whom you are with, if anyone;
how you feel.

Describe your great day in seven to ten sentences in French/German/Spanish.

View a sample student response to Segment 1 in French, German, and Spanish.


Segment 2: A Visitor

Situation: For your final entry, your teacher would like you to write some questions for a student from a French/German/Spanish-speaking area who will be coming to visit your class soon. The class has an opportunity for a question-and-answer session with the visitor and your teacher wants the class to be well prepared with questions.
Warm-up: Think about what you want to ask the French/German/Spanish-speaking visitor, then respond below in French/German/ Spanish or English. You may want to ask about the climate, interesting places to visit, about what young people do for work and entertainment (i.e. music, food, going out, etc.)
  Things you want to know:

Task: In your journal, write at least five questions for the French/German/ Spanish-speaking student who is coming to your class. You might want to include questions about:
1) the climate;
what young people do for work and entertainment;
interesting places to visit, etc.

Write at least five questions for the visiting student in French/German/Spanish.


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