Workshop Series & Professional Learning Community

In response to findings from focus groups with teachers from traditionally underrepresented and marginalized groups in language education, CARLA is offering a workshop series on the theme of adapting existing instructional materials and practices to teach for social justice. Each workshop treats a different social justice topic and is followed by a professional learning community (PLC), where language educators discuss the topic in more detail, puzzle through questions of implementation, and share experiences.

Workshop 1: Disability in our World Language Classrooms: Adapting Mindsets and Materials

Facilitator: Tammy Berberi, Associate Professor of French, University of Minnesota-Morris

Screenshot of workshop PptThis workshop focused on developing skills for creating more accessible, inclusive, and socially just language classrooms by centering the strengths and perspectives of disabled people. Attendees defined disability as an opportunity for creative adaptation and meaning making that supports everyone’s learning and growth. They also developed navigational skills to implement universal design for learning in world language classrooms and to create activities to supplement textbooks and other instructional materials. This workshop served as an introduction to strategies and resources that can foster equity and participation for disabled students and, by introducing new ways for encountering differences in target cultures, global citizenship skills for all students. 




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