Online and Virtual Participation Technology Requirements

You must feel very comfortable web-browsing and searching, using online audio and video applications, and uploading and downloading files to online sites. You must also be comfortable jumping in and exploring new programs and web utilities with minimal guidance. Remote and online participation is not for the tech beginner!

If you have signed up for an online or virtural/synchronous institute, you will need the following:

  • headset with microphone, or at a minimum ear buds with your laptop’s built-in mic.
  • laptop or desktop computer - not all of the software/websites that we are using are fully capable with tablets, but you may want to try tablets or phones on some activities.
  • webcam - multimedia is a big component of language learning online - you will be creating video!
  • browser - the newest version available, we recommend Chrome, but others will work.
  • wired connection, recommended - will work better than wireless, especially when we're using video apps.

We will schedule time before the start of the workshop/institute for you to check your equipment and learn the application functions, if your institute will be doing synchronous session(s). Please do this - it will make things easier for all of us at the beginning tostart on time!

An optional thought for synchronous sessions:
Some participants have found it helpful to have two computers - one to view the livecast, and a second to work on for the hands-on activities.


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