Clock Hours & Graduate-Level Credit

Clock Hour Certification

Participants can earn certificates for up to 30 Clock Hours of Continuing Professional Education for full attendance at any of the week-long CARLA summer institutes, or up to 6 clock hours/day for the two- and three-day programs. These are awarded on the last day of the institute.

Graduate-Level Credit Options

Most of the CARLA summer institutes are available for two graduate-level credits at an additional cost through the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) or College of Liberal Arts (CLA). The Transitioning to Teaching Language Online-online course is offered for three graduate-level credits.


International participants are currently not eligible to enroll for credit because of INS regulations, unless they are matriculated into a University of Minnesota program. International participants may take online courses for credit if they are not in the U.S.

Institutes for language teachers offering graduate-level credit registration this year. All are offered for two graduate-level credits, except TTLO (three credits):

Tuition & Fees for Graduate-Level Credit

Tuition and fees for graduate-level credits depends on whether the participant is a degree-seeking/certificate student or a non-degree-seeking student (not matriculated in a U of MN program) who wishes to take the institute for credit.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students:

Cost: For those not enrolled in degree programs at the University of Minnesota, the tuition cost is $732 per credit, PLUS approximately $100 in registration fees for two credits. The cost of tuition and fees is in addition to the initial registration cost through CARLA (varies between $350-$450).

See a chart of tuition and fees for non-degree-seeking students.

Note: Non-degree-seeking students who are accepted to the following UM certificate programs are eligible for a discount on their initial registration cost!

U of MN Degree-Seeking or Certificate Students:

Cost: A $200 discount on the initial, non-credit registration cost is offered to UM students who will register for credit AND are currently enrolled in a University of Minnesota degree-seeking program or the certificate programs listed above. To pay this discounted rate (varies between $150 - $250), registrants must indicate their U of MN student ID# on the registration form.

Note: U of MN students MUST be registered through CARLA before they are allowed to register through MyU.

Credit Registration Process:

The process for registering for graduate-level credit depends on your status at the University of Minnesota. See the CARLA Summer Institute registration page for details.

Grading Timeline:

All grades need to be submitted by instructors by Wednesday, August 18, 2020, and should be available online by Friday, August 20, 2021. There is no guarantee that students can receive a grade earlier than this date. Please note that instructors cannot submit students' grades earlier than three days after the final project due date.


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