Pathways to Multilingualism:
Evolving Perspectives on Immersion Education

2008, from Multilingual Matters

Edited by Tara Williams Fortune (University of Minnesota) and
Diane J. Tedick (University of Minnesota)

Cover of book

Through its dynamic composition and well-chosen thematic aspects, the volume brilliantly points out the necessity for constant reflection about immersion education in a complex world of the future.
       - Siv Björklund, Center for Immersion and Multilingualism, University of Vaasa

This volume is a very welcome addition to the literature on immersion and dual language education. It has not always been possible to access original, recent, work on immersion, indigenous and dual language programs in the one volume, and this book provides just that. The book has also been extremely well edited, and forms a coherent, cross referenced whole rather than a series of unlinked chapters.
       - Michele de Courcy, University of Melbourne, Australia

This volume focuses on the evolution of perspectives and practices within language immersion education and offers theoretical perspectives, research reviews and empirical studies on teaching, learning, and language development in immersion programs. The collection of studies and discussions addresses three branches of immersion education, foreign language ("one-way"), bilingual ("two-way"), and indigenous immersion programs. The volume's co-editors examine what can be learned from research and practices carried out in closely related immersion settings that experience similar challenges related to the balance between language and content.


Introduction to the Volume
Part I: Evolving Perspectives on Immersion Pedagogy
Part II: Evolving Perspectives on Language Development in Immersion Classrooms
Part III: Evolving Perspectives on Social Context and its Impact on Immersion Programs
Concluding Thoughts: Does the Immersion Pathway Lead to Multilingualism?

For more information, go to the Multilingual Matters website.

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