LIM-A: A Listserv for Language Immersion in the Americas

The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) manages a listserv to meet the needs of parents, teachers, administrators, researchers, and others involved with language immersion education in North, South, and Central America.

Patterned after an existing electronic discussion forum for language immersion education in Europe (LIME), the focus of this new endeavor is to provide necessary opportunities to collaborate and exchange ideas and experiences related to the teaching, study, and administration of immersion programs in the Americas.

Currently, European immersion educators and French Canadian immersion educators have independently established networks of support which include listservs. LIM-A, in contrast, will meet the networking needs of immersion educators in the Americas regardless of their particular target language.

The primary goal of LIM-A is to provide an effective means of communicating about topics ranging from research and reports on new articles and recent publications to ideas about classroom approaches and curriculum resources. This electronic forum can also be used to announce upcoming conferences, seminars, and courses as well as employment or scholarship opportunities and student/teacher exchanges.

LIM-A is an unmoderated list, which means listserv members' contributions go directly out to all listserv recipients. It is important, therefore, that all members use appropriate Internet etiquette when contributing to the listserv. The moderation language is English, but contributions in other languages are also welcomed. It may be advisable to add an English summary whenever appropriate. Subscription to this list is free.


To subscribe to LIM-A, send an e-mail message to:

The body of the message (without subject line or signature) should read:

subscribe LIM-A yourfirstname yourlastname

Contact CARLA with questions or comments about LIM-A.

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