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Draw boots and remember "go-go" verbs

Megan uses the stem-change verb pensar as an example. In the video, she demonstrates how she makes a verb diagram for the present tense and notes the forms where the stem of the verb changes from e to ie. In order to remember the forms where the stem of this verb does or does not change, she draws a “boot” around the ie forms. She purposely leaves outside the boot the forms where the stem doesn’t change (nosotros, vosotros).

Other students include “go-go” verbs in this pattern (verbs where the yo form ends in go, such as tener à tengo, salir à salgo).  Although the stems of “go-go” verbs may or may not change, the yo form still falls outside the expected pattern and so belongs inside the boot.

Megan, who uses this technique with the verb decir says:  “By drawing a boot around the forms that change, you’re sort of highlighting what is different about the verb.” She also mentions that she has made verb diagrams for lots of verbs and generally makes them more than once.




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