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Cheat sheet

Tired of looking for information through notes and textbooks for many years, Catherine decided to make her own grammar "Cheat Sheet” for the tenses and grammatical forms she consistently had problems with. 

She doesn’t write the same type of information for all the sections of her "Cheat sheet," as she only has problems with some of the tenses.  In fact, for most tenses she includes the name and the verb forms, but she only describes their context and includes examples when she feels she needs them. As described above, along with tenses, in her "Cheat Sheet" the student includes the different situations that require ser and estar.

For her, the "Cheat sheet" is a quick reference in a concise location.  She can add more information if she has difficulties with new tenses or grammatical forms. 

"Writing it down … always helps you learn it better.  The more times you write something down … the more likely you remember it. This is probably like the fifth or sixth time I’ve written some of this stuff, like ser and estar." 





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