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Writing forms and saying them aloud

"I can remember how the words sound.  …  I think [I'm] a bit more of an auditory learner at times, but I'm kind of a mixture of visual and … auditory."

This student reports that she remembers things primarily through sound, but also by means of visualization.  If you listen to her, you will note that she further identifies herself as a hands-on learner as well.  When she leans new grammar tenses, she likes doing the following things:

  • writing the forms in Spanish with their English equivalents, and
  • saying the forms out loud in Spanish while visualizing them in English.

Combining these perceptual modes works very well for her.  Listen as she describes how she expands this approach to reading and to fill-in-the-blank exercises.  In both cases she reads through the text out loud "'cause it sticks more in my head if I say it out loud." 






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