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Andrew D. Cohen (Professor in Second Language Studies, University of Minnesota) served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural development with the Aymara Indians on the High Plains of Bolivia, as a Fulbright Scholar in Brazil, and as a professor in Israel for many years. He has written numerous research articles on language teaching, language learning, language testing, and research methods, as well as books on bilingual education, language learner strategies, language assessment, and research methods.  His recent efforts include co-editing Language learner strategies with Ernesto Macaro(Oxford University Press, 2007), writing of an online course, “Assessing Language Ability in Adults and Young Adults” in the ELT Advantage series with Heinle Cengage Learning, and co-authoring a teachers’ guide to pragmatics, Teaching and learning pragmatics: Where language and culture meet with Noriko Ishihara (Routledge 2014; first published 2010 by Pearson Education).
E-mail:  adcohen@umn.edu


 Angela Pinilla-Herrera was born in Bogota, Colombia.  She received her BA in Modern Languages from Universidad de Los Andes and her MA in Spanish Linguistics from Arizona State University.  She is currently a doctoral student and instructor in Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Minnesota and worked as a Research Assistant for CARLA during a year and a half.  Her areas of emphasis are Spanish language maintenance and use in the U. S., conversation analysis, and pragmatics.
E-mail:  pinil001@umn.edu






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