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Summary: Compliments & Responses


In this unit you have learned the ins and outs of compliment sequences in Spanish. Just as a refresher, here is a summary of the basic points we have covered.

  • Compliments have many functions in communication. They often function as ice breakers, solidarity-building strategies, and for flirting. It is important to understand these many functions in order to compliment and respond to compliments well.
  • Numerous pragmatic strategies are used in Spanish for complimenting.
  • Social factors are important to consider. Some especially important factors to consider in complimenting are the value being praised, the interaction, the location in the conversation, and gender roles.
  • Piropos are an interesting and important aspect of complimenting in Spanish. Their use constitutes a unique tradition with multifaceted elements.
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Reflect on this module and complete the activities that follow.

List two things you have learned about complimenting in Spanish that you will apply to your use of the Spanish language.

List one question you would still like answered about compliments in Spanish or something that is not clear from this module.

Which of the learning and performance strategies do you think would be most helpful for you when complimenting in Spanish? Why? (CLICK HERE to review the strategies)


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