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Summary: Advice, Suggestions, Disagreements, Complaints & Reprimands


In this unit you have learned about various communicative acts in Spanish. Just as a refresher, here is a summary of the basic points we have covered.

  • Giving a dvice and making suggestions are complex communicative acts. Numerous strategies are used for giving advice. These include:
      • Declarative Statements
      • Questions (Interrogatives) & Negation
      • Commands
      • Modifiers & Mitigators


  • When thinking about giving advice, it is important to consider a variety of social factors, especially the relationship between the interlocutors.
  • In disagreements and complaints it is important to think about the types of supporting strategies used (i.e., direct or indirect) as well as the severity of the disagreement. Also, different strategies are used between strangers and people who know one another.
  • Reprimands and responses to reprimands in Argentina, Venezuela, and Peru vary greatly.
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Reflect on this module and complete the activities that follow.

List two things you have learned about these communicative acts in Spanish that you will apply to your use of the Spanish language.

List one question you would still like answered or something that is not clear to you from this module.

Which of the learning and performance strategies do you think would be most helpful for you for performing these communicative acts in Spanish? Why? (CLICK HERE to review the strategies)


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