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Service Encounters

Perceiving Language Variety

The Importance of Closings and Leave Takings

Language variation is one of the most difficult and interesting aspects of learning pragmatic behavior.  As you learned in the introductory unit, there are many different varieties of Spanish. In this section of the module, we will focus on language variation as it relates to service encounters in two areas.  It is important to remember that the features described here are not universal, even within the described language variety. Individual variation always occurs; it is something you should always be aware of. 

In this section, we look at two types of service encounters in two different language varieties. Enter each of the sections below by clicking on the appropriate title.

Sales Negotiations: Ecuadorian Spanish as compared to Uruguayan Spanish
(Márquez-Reiter & Placencia, 2004)

Reception Interactions in Public Institutions in Bolivia: white-mestizo Spanish-speakers as compared to indigenous Spanish-speakers.
(Placencia, 2002)

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