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Elaine E. Tarone
Director of CARLA

Elaine E. Tarone is the Director of the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) and a Professor in the Second Language Studies Program at the University of Minnesota. Her research publications focus on the impact of social context on learner language and second language acquisition. She has published research on oral second-language processing by low-literacy learners, interlanguage variation, interaction in immersion classrooms, language play, and genre analysis. A member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, she is a recipient of the College of Liberal Arts Distinguished Teaching Award, and the Award for Outstanding Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education.

For copies of Dr. Tarone's publications visit her personal webpage.


M.A., Ph.D. Speech Science; University of Washington, Seattle, 1972
(Interdisciplinary Program in Applied Linguistics)

Diploma, Applied Linguistics; Edinburgh University, Scotland, 1969

Secondary Teaching Credential in English & Spanish; University of California at Berkeley, 1967
B.A. English, Spanish; University of California at Berkeley, 1966
Phi Beta Kappa; Distinction in General Scholarship

Selected Publications

Tarone, E. Bigelow, M. and Hansen, K. (2009). Literacy and second language oracy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Related lecture delivered at the University of PA, Graduate School of Education, Sept. 30, 2009.

Tarone, E. and Swierzbin, B. (2009). Exploring learner language. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Tarone, E. (2009). A sociolinguistic perspective on interaction in SLA. In A. Mackey & C. Polio (Eds.), Multiple perspectives on interaction: Second language research in honor of Susan M. Gass. (pp. 41-56). New York: Routledge.

Tarone, E. (2009). Equipping teachers to be language explorers: Exploring language in the classroom. In M. Anderson & A. Lazaraton (Eds.), Bridging contexts, making connections: The proceedings of the fifth international language teacher education conference. (pp. 7-22). Minneapolis: CARLA Working Papers.

Rau, D.V., Chang, H.A., and Tarone, E. ( 2009). Think or sink: Chinese learners’ acquisition of the English voiceless interdental fricative. Language Learning, 59, 3: 581-621.

Ishihara, N. & Tarone, E. (2009). Subjectivity and pragmatic choice in L2 Japanese: Emulating and resisting pragmatic norms. In N. Taguchi (Ed.), Pragmatic competence in Japanese as a second language. Mouton.

Tarone, E. and Bigelow, M. (2007). Alphabetic print literacy and processing of oral corrective feedback in L2 interaction. In Mackey, A. (Ed.), Conversational interaction in second language acquisition: A series of empirical studies (pp. 101-121). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Elaine Tarone. (2007). Sociolinguistic approaches to second language acquisition research, 1997-2007. Modern Language Journal, 91, 837-848.

Martha Bigelow, Bob DelMas, Kit Hansen, and Elaine Tarone. (2006). Literacy and the processing of oral recasts in SLA, TESOL Quarterly 40, 1-25.

Elaine Tarone. (2006). The language classroom: A co-production of all participants. In Ines Miller & Simon Gieve (Eds.), Directions in classroom language learning and teaching: A festschrift for Dick Allwright (pp. 163-174). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Elaine Tarone (2006). Fossilization, social context & language play. In ZhaoHong Han & Terence Odlin (Eds.), Perspectives on fossilization (pp. 157-172). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.

Tarone, E. and Bigelow, M. (2005). Impact of literacy on oral language processing: Implications for SLA research, Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 25, 77-97

Bigelow, M. and Tarone, E. (2004). The role of literacy level in SLA: Doesn’t who we study determine what we know? TESOL Quarterly, 38(4), 689-700.

Tarone, E. (2002). Frequency effects, noticing, and creativity: Factors in a variationist interlanguage framework, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 24, 287-296. (invited)

Broner, M and Tarone, E. (2001). Is it fun? Language play in a fifth grade Spanish immersion classroom, Modern Language Journal, 85, 363-379.

Tarone, E. (2000). Still wrestling with ‘context’ in interlanguage theory, Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 20,182-198.


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