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Paper Session: Assessing Foreign Language Pre-Service Teacher Dispositions in Situated Practice
Friday, May 20, 4:40 pm, Room: Campus 
Kristin Hoyt, Kennesaw State University
Pre-service teachers' actions, behaviors, and attitudes were examined within five domains characterizing dispositions and representing situational contexts in which dispositions are fostered. The evaluative instrument and case study findings are shared. The model contributes to the profession's efforts to interpret the nature and quality of disposition development in pre-service teachers.
Paper Session: Re-Examining the Foreign Language Methods Course: Interviews with Teacher Educators
Friday, May 20, 4:40 pm, Room: Coffman 
So-Yeon Ahn, University at Buffalo - SUNY
Erin Kearney, University at Buffalo - SUNY
Studies of the foreign language methods class have relied primarily on surveys and syllabus analysis. Our research suggests that in-depth interviews with teacher educators provide deeper insight into not only the content (the 'whats') but also the context (the 'hows' and 'whys') of language teacher preparation.
Paper Session: Collaboration with Local Service Sectors in ESP Teacher Training
Friday, May 20, 4:40 pm, Room: Collegiate 
Margaret van Naerssen, Immaculata University
In English for Specific Purposes (ESP) teacher training, collaborations with local workplaces (hotel and convenience store) have provided real-life experiences with issues in ESP. Students conducted needs analyses of non-native English speaking employees, heard from other stakeholders, and developed training modules and a proposal. Give-back included a free ESP course.
Paper Session: Novice Teachers' Pedagogical Practice and Cognition Concerning EFL Grammar Teaching 
Friday, May 20, 4:40 pm, Room: Nolte 
Claudia Kawachi, Federal University of São Carlos - Brazil
Eliane Hercules Augusto-Navarro, Federal University of São Carlos - Brazil
The aim of our investigation was to contrast novice teachers' informed cognition regarding grammar instruction, their pedagogical practice, and possible teaching context influence. In this session, we will present the data we have collected and discuss grammar teaching (Batstone, 1994 and Larsen-Freeman, 2003) and EFL teacher cognition (Borg, 2006).
Paper Session: Fostering Collaborative Practices with ESL and Content Teachers: Implications for Inservice Professional Development 
Friday, May 20, 4:40 pm, Room: Northrop 
Karen Newman, The Ohio State University
Keiko Samimy, The Ohio State University
Joy Zhang, The Ohio State University
Sunyung Song, The Ohio State University
Katie Seyler, The Ohio State University
Fostering collaborative practices between content and ESL teachers is particularly vital, given the growth in English language learners and shortage of trained ESL personnel. This presentation explores the impact of an in-service professional development program in Ohio from perspectives of key participants, including ESL and content teachers, and teacher educators.
Paper Session: The Language and Content of Teaching Philosophy Statements 
Friday, May 20, 4:40 pm, Room: Presidents 
Anne Lazaraton, University of Minnesota
Annie Marrin, University of Minnesota
The language and content of twenty philosophy of teaching statements written by pre- and in-service language teachers for employment and academic purposes are analyzed. Teachers with minimal classroom experience tend to propose abstract, hypothetical classroom practices; more experienced teachers use rich, factual descriptions as support for the beliefs they espouse.


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