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Pre-Summit Survey

Below are the questions that were asked of summit participants. These questions were divided into four areas of concern for LCTL teachers:

Pre-Summit Survey: Summary of Results

Enrollments and Communications

1. Is your general impression that enrollments for your language(s) (at your institutions) are increasing, decreasing or remaining about the same? See summary of results (40 respondents)

2. Why do students take courses in your language? See summary of results (39 respondents)

3. Do you communicate regularly with other teachers in your language? With teachers of other Less Commonly Taught Languages? How? See summary of results (39 respondents)

Teacher Education

4. How are LCTL teachers (at your institution or others you know about) prepared for language teaching? See summary of results

5. Did you receive any formal or specialized teacher training for language teaching in general or for teaching your particular language(s)? See summary of results (41 respondents)

6. Do you know of training for teachers of French, German and Spanish? If so, do you think LCTL teachers could benefit from similar education? See summary of results

Materials Availability

7. Do you use a published textbook in your class? If so, when was it published? Is the target audience of the text North Americans? See summary of results (40 respondents)

8. What kinds of other curricular material do you use on a regular basis? See summary of results (38 respondents)

9. What kinds of curricular material would you like to use, if they were easily available? See summary of results (38 respondents)

Delivery Systems

10. Describe the governance / administrative organization (or structure) in your situation (e.g.; language and literature courses in one unit; separate language unit; share budget with other LCTLs, more commonly taught languages; area studies; independent study). See summary of results (42 respondents)

11. What kinds of technology help you in your teaching? What other kinds of technology would help you? See summary of results (44 respondents)

12. Please describe your teaching situation if it involves audiences other than traditional secondary or post-secondary students (e.g., community ed, heritage classes, church-related classes, correspondence courses, distance education) See summary of results (43 respondents)

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