The Virtual Picture Album -- Tunisia

The grid below is an annotated index to part of the Virtual Picture Album compiled and distributed by the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at the University of Minnesota. The pictures in this section of the VPA are of people, places and objects in Tunisia. Each of the pictures is represented by a thumbnail-sized image in the grid, and is accompanied by:

We also have suggestions for ways to use certain pairs or groups of pictures.

Due to the number of pictures in this section, the VPA index for Tunisia is divided into three parts.

Part 1 Landscape and scenery
Part 2 Culture (this page)
Part 3 People and daily life

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Photo (Thumbnail) Vocabulary Items Topics Grammar Points
ancient city, historical site, tourist;
hill, sand, stone, desert;
historical, landscape, distance, tourism, weather, desert area; plural, adjective, word order, tanween;
city, capital, birdview;
wide, flat;
location, region, area; plural, adjective, prepositions;
ancient city, tourism, architecture;
desert, environment, sand, stone;
historical, landscape, desert; tanween;
Roman, baths, grass, walls, piers, rocks, ancient, to build, ruins, cite, sky, blue; weather, historic, architecture, classical style; adjective/number agreement;
Roman, city, ancient ruins, building, old, rocks, piers, ancient relics; historic, architecture, civilization, geography; adjective, number, gender agreement;
Ancient ruins, walls, broken, piers, building, piers, door, tourists, to visit, visitors, architecture; tourism, historic, architecture, civilization; adjectives, locatives;
behind, above, etc.;
past tense, gender, numbers;
Roman, capital, ruins, piers, walls, rokcs, mountain, trees, forest, sky, blue; architecture, historic, location, geography; tense/aspect;
ruins, walls, piers, old, rocks, Roman, visitors, to visit, broken, grass, plants, trees, beautiful; historical, civilization, tourism, geography, pastime order, number, noun/adjective agreement, compartive, tense/aspect;
minaret, wall, roofs, streets, houses, plateau, city, mosque; religious, city structure, life style, architecture; adjectives, plural, spatial relation, lovatives;
view, architecture, underground, style, old, touristic, simple, houses, windows, doors, walls, construction materials (sand, stone, etc.), live in town; sight seeing, tourism, architecture, lifestyle, historical, modern/traditional; adjective, comparative & superlative, tanween;
attached pronouns, number;
bed, bedroom, traditional, night, reading; wall, shape, carpet, door; tradition, housing;
architecture, life style, construction mateials;
motion verbs, locatives, tense/aspect;
preposition-in, on, at, near;
mosque, square, courtyard;
holiday, visit, tour;
religion, tradition; idafa constructions, number, how many, plural;
minaret, mosque, place, location;
high, low, far, near, inside, in the middle of, facing...;
historical place, location, religion, architecture; locative, idafa constructions, number, how many, plural;
inside, courtyard, museum, entrance, door, water fountain, beautiful; Arabesque, architecture, symetric style and pattern; number, dual of nouns, adjective, special relationship;
arch, stone, ruin, ancient, relics; visitors, tour guide, friends, cap, sun-glass, T-shirt; history, story, tourism; measure words
mosque, yard, door; door, window, steps; materials-stone, paint;
design, style;
courtyard, path, steps, corridor;
arabesque, architecture, history, design, art history; number, prepositions;
door, decorative, flowery, beautiful, structure, direction, size; Arabesque, color, pattern, style; passive participles, noun/adjective agreement, explanative forms;
museum, gallery, wall, painting, ancient collection; theme, art work; museum, historical story, lengend;
artist, period, artistic expression;
locative, gender agreement, passive participles;
museum, statue, marble, figure, gesture;
light, color, form, line, curve;
art, history, period and style; adjectives;
mosque, gate, visitors; tradition/modernity, clothes, human relationship; number, motion verbs, colors;
street, vehicles, palm trees, summer, visitors, tourists, residents; city, district; weather, season; locative, tanween, definiteness;
carpets, decoration, traditional, shop, sell, market, tourists, style, artistic, colorful; colors, handicrafts, art, family business;
how many?
passive participles, prepositions, adjectives, number, idafa structure (some ..., many ..);
carpet, structure, size, color, pattern, style;
heavy, light, flowery, red, fabric;
show, introduce, sample, sovenirs, gifts;
art, handicraftsman, shopping, occupations, tradition, communication; possession, separate-attached pronouns, colors, verbs (buying, selling);
cap, dancing, groom, men, robe, tradition, wedding; culture, wedding ceremony, traditional clothing;
bride, happy, smile, traditional, wedding clothes; wedding ceremony, traditional clothes;
colors-red, blue, green
motion verbs, subject-adjective agreement, colors;
children, covered/uncovered, clothes, house, modern, narrow, street, plants, traditional, happy, walk, wedding, women; architecture;
celebration, tradition, clothing;
number-plural, gender;
how many;

  GRAMMAR POINTS art   adjectives architecture   adjective agreement city   agreement civilization   comparatives decorartion   gender direction   locatives/spatial relations distance   near/far geography   number historic/historical   numbers how-many?   tense landscape     location     modern/traditional     museum     occupations     old/new     opposites     pastimes/ancient     religion     seasons     tourism     urban area     vacation/holiday     weather    

Grouping Suggestions