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Archived Content from Conference Held in October 2016

Sixth International Conference on Immersion and Dual Language Education

Conference Proposal Review Criteria

  1. Context:
    Is the context described adequately to ensure that the proposal involves a school-based program offering at least 50% of subject matter instruction through a second, world, heritage, or indigenous language at the preschool and elementary levels (preK–5/6) or at least two subject matter courses in secondary or post-secondary continuation programs for elementary immersion/dual language graduates?

  2. Scholarly or educational significance:
    Does this proposal address an issue directly related to immersion/dual language education and the selected theme category? Does it offer the promise of new knowledge or state-of-the-art practice? Is it likely to stimulate discussion?

  3. Quality of written presentation:
    Is the proposal focused? Well conceptualized? Clearly organized? Well written?

  4. Theoretical orientation (if applicable):
    Is a theoretical framework evident? Does the author refer appropriately to previous research, theory, or practice? For theory-based papers (those which propose a new framework or reinterpret earlier studies), is the discussion substantive? Thought-provoking? Insightful? Does it include an integrated discussion of the literature with citation of recent studies or other evidence of up-to-date thinking? For practice proposals, are the practices innovative and do they reflect an understanding of existing theory or the literature?

  5. Quality of research (if applicable):
    Is there sufficient information about study participants, data collection and analysis? Are the hypotheses or research questions important? Is the research design and methodology appropriate for the research questions and adequately outlined? Will the findings be of interest to immersion/dual language educators?

  6. Quality of practice (if applicable):
    Is the practice described innovative? Is it of potential interest to other immersion/dual language researchers and educators? Does the abstract describe clearly what is involved?

  7. For research symposium proposals only:
    Is there a coherent theme across the papers? Will multiple perspectives be shared by different presenters? Are the theoretical frameworks/research concerns of the papers evident? Does the proposal ensure that there will be ample time for dialogue among presenters and session participants?


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