¿Cuáles son los insectos?

Submitted by Kara Scheid

Language: Spanish
Unit Cultural Theme or
Academic Content Area:


Target Audience:

Immersion Elementary
Grade: 2

Proficiency Level:

Intermediate Low










Unit Timeframe:

11-13 45 minute class periods (in the computer lab)

Unit Overview:

This is a second grade unit on insects using the Foss kit and extending students knowledge through technical applications.


In science class we are using the Foss kit to learn about insects – anatomy, habitat, and other characteristics. Students are learning technology applications to demonstrate their understanding of the science content. This unit is comprised of a series of benchmarks, or ongoing assessments, that combine science knowledge, language use, and technology skills. The students are learning basic technology used to create a Power Point Presentation. For example, they will be learning about importing graphics, using text boxes, making graphic organizers, using the internet, and changing font size, color, or style. Therefore, the focus of this entire unit is on the teaching of the technology skills they need to demonstrate their content knowledge and language use. It is assumed that the students have had previous instruction in the classroom in the content area to be able to complete the benchmarks. That is, it is assumed that students have had previous lessons to meet the science content objectives. The lesson, then, focuses on the technology skills and on the language they need to complete the technology task while demonstrating their content knowledge. It is my belief that this technological format could be adapted to fit any other thematic content area.

General Unit References and Resources:

Foss Insect Module -

Links or files for unit content:     A new window will open for each lesson.

Lesson 01: Insect Anatomy
Lesson 02: Insect Habitat
Lesson 03: Life Cycle of an Insect
Lesson 04: Comparing Insects
Unit Assessment