¿Cuáles son los insectos?
Lesson 04: Comparing Insects

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Students will...

  • show an understanding of the characteristics of a studied insect
  • demonstrate their understanding of the similarities and differences between the insects that they have studied using a graphic organizer.


Language: Content Obligatory
Students will...

  • demonstrate their ability to implement correct article/noun agreement to describe insects
  • demonstrate their ability to implement correct subject/verb agreement in the present tense to describe insects
  • use coordinating conjunctions to compare and contrast characteristics among insects with phrases such as Las mariposas tienen… mientras que las abejas tienen…, Ambos…, Los dos insectos…, Ninguno…(Butterflies have… while bees have… Both… None…)
  • demonstrate their ability to use specific sentence structures to compare and contrast.
    Una mariposa tiene _______________ pero una abeja tiene _____________. Una abeja hace _________________ pero una hormiga hace ___________. Los dos insectos ________________. Ambos _______________.

Language: Content Compatible
Students will...

  • use indefinite adjectives to suggest similarities and differences between two insects with phrases such as una diferencia…, otra similitud…”(one difference…, another similarity…)
  • use question words to request information about how to use the technological tools to create their Venn Diagram with words such as ¿Cómo…? or ¿Qué…?

Learning Strategies / Social and Skills Development:
Students will...

  • demonstrate their ability to use a Venn Diagram (graphic organizer) to organize information.
  • demonstrate their ability to synthesize learned information.
  • demonstrate their ability to work cooperatively to complete the task.
  • activate their background knowledge about insects to list characteristics and explore similarities and differences.

Time Frame:

In the computer lab: 1 or 2- 45 min. lab sessions

Materials Needed:

  • Computer lab with PowerPoint installed
  • Example Powerpoint slide with Venn Diagram (see attachments)

Description of Assessment (Performance Project):

It is assumed that students have learned sufficient information about a variety of insects to be able to compare and contrast two selected insects. The focus of this lesson is using a graphic organizer on the computer to synthesize information. They will also be expected to use appropriate and grammatically correct language.

In the classroom students will use what they have learned to create a list about all that they know about one insect. They will then be paired up with another student who has selected a different insect. Each student has a list of sentences written about their particular insect.

Working together, the students will need to decide what the two insects have in common and what information is exclusive to the particular insect. They should come up with at least three sentences for how the insects are different and three sentences for how they are similar.

The teacher will then show the students a demo using the projector. She will draw the two intersecting ovals, changing them to 3D to show the intersection. She will also demonstrate how to add a text box for the title and how to type in the ovals using appropriate key strokes to add special characters (i.e. opción+e, a = á).

In the computer lab each student will use Power Point to draw a Venn Diagram. This will be done as a new slide.

First they will use the oval button to create two overlapping ovals. They will then need to use the appropriate buttons (the 3D boxes on the tool bar) to change these to 3-D.

They will also need to create a text box in which to write a title for their diagram. They will then write the information about the two insects in each circle, or about both in the intersection. In their writing, they must implement correct article/noun and subject/verb agreement in the present tense.

The information that they are typing in their graphic organizer comes directly from the work they completed in the pre phase. One oval contains sentences about the insect that the student selected. The other oval contains sentences about the insect her partner selected. The intersection contains sentences on information relevant to both insects.

After the students have finished creating the graphic organizer, they will print out this slide. The students will then be grouped according to the insects they selected. In these groups students will share, compare, and evaluate the information contained in their Venn Diagrams.


The technological component will be assessed based on the final print out – whether or not students were able to create a Venn Diagram containing the fitting contrast and comparisons.

The teacher will also be observing and assessing students’ ability to work cooperatively during the students’ work time.

Finally, students’ work will be assessed using a rubric for language.

References and Resources:

Foss Science Kit


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