¿Cuáles son los insectos?
Lesson 01: Insect Anatomy

Submitted by Kara Scheid


Students will...

  • demonstrate their understanding of the six primary parts of an insect.
  • demonstrate their ability to locate and label each of these six parts of an insect.
  • show an understanding of the steps in the process of inserting graphics and text in a power point presentation.


Language: Content Obligatory
Students will...

  • use correct article/noun gender and number agreement when labeling the body parts. (i.e. la cabeza not el cabeza, or las patas, los ojos, not la patas, las ojos)
  • accurately use nouns to name the parts of an insect with words such as cabeza, tórax, abdomen, patas, alas
  • use location phrases/prepositions (i.e. está arriba de, está al lado de) to describe where each body part is located

Language: Content Compatible
Students will...

  • interpret technology-related nouns and verbs correctly to follow instructions such as “Usando el ratón, haz clic en insertar y busca donde dice 'caja de texto' en el menú.” (“Using your mouse click on insert and find text box in the drop down menu”)
  • use question words and verbs in simple present to request information about steps to prepare their presentation. E.g. “¿Qué paso sigue? ¿Cómo muevo la imagen? ¿Cómo cambio el cuadro de texto?” (What step is next?, How can I move the image?, How can I change the text box?)
  • use simple present verbs to indicate what information is missing in a classmate’s image with phrases such as Falta el/la …  No está el/la…”(The… is missing, There is no …)
  • use adjectives to judge classmate’s work with phrases such as Está bien. Está mal. ¡Qué bonito!  ¡Qué completo!  ¡Qué creativo! (It is right, It is wrong, How beautiful!, How complete!, How creative!)
  • use correct subject/verb gender and number agreement when indicating what parts’ labels are missing with phrases such as Faltan las patas, not Falta las patas. (The legs are missing not the legs is missing)

Learning Strategies / Social and Skills Development:
Students will…

  • demonstrate their ability to import a graphic from a folder.
  • demonstrate their ability to resize the graphic.
  • demonstrate their ability to type text in text boxes.
  • demonstrate their ability draw lines. · cooperate with a classmate to check each other’s work.
  • activate their background knowledge about insects to prepare for the tasks.
  • use images to show their knowledge about insect body parts.

Time Frame:

In the computer lab: two 45 min. lab sessions

Materials Needed:


Description of Assessment (Performance Project):

It is assumed that the students have already been taught the basic parts of an insect and the terms for these parts.  This lesson is an application of the information already learned about insect anatomy and the focus is on using the language and technology to make a diagram.

In order to remind students of the basic parts of an insect, they will complete a short matching activity.  Here they will have a list of the body parts and a list of definitions.  They will need to match up each part with the correct definition.

Here the students will be creating a page in a Power Point Presentation.  As a whole class we will go over the correct steps for importing and resizing a graphic.  Students will watch the process on the projector screen.  Students will then chose a graphic image of an insect and resize it to fit the slide.  They will need to draw straight lines from the appropriate parts of the insect and label with the correct vocabulary.  When labeling the parts of the insect they need to be using correct article/noun agreement.

In Power Point, students will follow this path: New slide - Insert – Picture – from folder of saved graphics– insert.  They can then grab the corners of this graphic with the mouse and drag it resizing the image to fit the slide.  To type in the terms students will again go to Insert and then to Text box – horizontal.  They may change the font style, color and/or size.

Students will be paired with another student with a different insect.  Here they will be able to look at other classmates’ work and check to be sure all parts are identified.  During this time students will be using phrases (Está arriba de...) to explain the location where the parts are on different insects.  (*See example page attachment)


Student’s work will be assessed using two separate rubrics – one for science and one for language.  There will also be a checklist for the technology components.  (See attachments)

References and Resources:

Foss Science Kit -


NOTE: some attachments are in PDF form (get Acrobat Reader)

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