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Tea Break: Thanks



Situation 3: Giving Thanks to a Department Head


A businessman has been entertained with a huge feast at his boss’s home.  He is a department head about 20 years senior to you.  His wife has cooked an excellent meal. 



会社員:部長、今夜は本当にごちそうさまでした。奥さんに、あんなにしていただいて。  Buchou, konyawa hontouni gochisousama deshita.  Okusanni annani shite itadaite.  ‘Thank you very much for the meal tonight.  Your wife did so much for us.’


部長:ああ、いや、気にしなくていいんだよ、君は。  Aa, iya, kini shimakute iindayo, kimiwa. ‘Oh, not really.  It wasn’t such a big deal.’


会社員:いや、でも、ほんとにありがとうございました。  Iya, demo, hontoni arigatou gozaimashita.  ‘But, I really appreciated it.’


部長:まあ、また来なさい。  Maa, mata kinasai.  ‘Well, come again.’


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