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Introduction to Speech Acts

Let us assume that you have been studying abroad at a Japanese university in Tokyo for the last few months. This is your first time in Japan. You have taken a few years of Japanese at a university level in the U.S., and you have always been a pretty good student. You are living in a flat with a Japanese roommate, Jun. You love Japanese animation; in fact that is how you initially became interested in the language and culture. You are a music lover, also. Aside from classes in Japanese language, you are studying Japanese history and international relations. You are sociable by nature, which is why you wanted to have a roommate.

Situation 3:

You go to a well-stocked record shop and ask the clerk about a CD that is really hard to find. Not only is it unavailable at this store, but unfortunately the clerk tells you in response to your request to order the CD,それはちょっと難しいですね。 Sorewa chotto muzukashii desune.  "It is a little difficult." What does this mean? Is he going to order it even though it is difficult? Does he know how to order it? Do you think you’re going to get your CD there? What would be the proper response and why?  (In the box below, you can also write some questions that you may have in this situation.)

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