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Tea Break: Thanks



Situation 1: Giving Thanks to a Senpai


A senpai at work, who is a few years ahead in the company, buys her kouhai (an employee a few years behind) lunch in a restaurant during the break.  As they go back to work after lunch, the kouhai thanks the senpai.



後輩: 今日は本当にありがとうございました。とてもおいしかったです。  Kyouwa hontouni arigatou gozaimashita.  Totemo oishikatta desu.  ‘Thank you so much for (the meal) today.  It was really delicious.’    


先輩: ね、ほんとおいしかったね。またぜひ今度一緒に行きましょう。  Ne, honto oishikattane.  Mata zehi kondo isshoni ikimashou.  ‘Yeah, you’re right – it was tasty.  Let’s go out again together some other time.’


後輩: すっかりご馳走になってしまってありがとうございました。  Sukkari gochisouni natte shimatte arigatou gozaimashita.  ‘Thank you (again for the meal).’


先輩: うん、気にしないで。じゃあまた。  Un, kini shinaide.  Jaa mata.  ‘Never mind.  See you later.’


後輩: すみません。  Sumimasen.  ‘I appreciate it.’


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