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Exercise 6: Thanks


Situation 2: Sample Dialogue

(Thanking for a previously received favor)


You:、さきちゃん、この前、雨の日本当にありがとう。助かったよ。  A, Saki chan, kono mae, amenohi hontouni arigatou.  Tasukattayo.  Saki, thanks a lot for the ride on the rainy day.  You saved my life.’


Saki:ううん、ぜんぜん。 Uun, zenzen.  ‘No, no problem at all.’


You:こんどさ、コーヒーでもおごるよ。  Kondosa, koohii demo ogoruyo.  ‘I’ll buy you a coffee or something next time.’


Saki:あ、いいよ、そんなの。  A, iiyo, sonnano.  ‘Oh, don’t worry about it.’


You:いや、行こうよ一緒に。せっかく送ってくれたんだし。  Iya, ikouyo isshoni.  Sekkaku okutte kuretandashi.  ‘Well, let’s go together.  After all, you gave me a ride.’


Saki:そう?じゃあ、また、おごってよ。  Sou?  Jaa, mata, ogotteyo.  ‘Really?  OK, then, buy me a drink some time.’


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