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Exercise 6: Thanks


Situation 2: Sample Dialogue

(Thanking as one leaves)


You:じゃあ、ここでいいよ。 Jaa, kokode iiyo.  ‘Here would be fine.’


Saki:あ、いいの、ここで?    A, iino, kokode?  ‘Oh, here’s okay?’


You:でもほんとに時間かかっちゃったね、家遠いのに。  Demo hontoni jikan kakachattane, ie tooi noni.  ‘Well, it took (you) an awful lot of time (to get here).  I know you live pretty far from here.’


Saki:うん、まあ、道混んでたからね。  Un, maa, michi kondeta karane.  ‘Yeah, well, the streets were jammed.’


You:ごめんね、ほんとにありがとう。  Gomenne, hontoni arigatou.  ‘I’m sorry (to have caused you so much trouble).  Thanks a lot.’


Saki:ううん、ぜんぜん。  Uun, zenzen.  ‘No, not at all.’


You:それじゃあまた明日学校で  Sorejaa mata ashita gakkoude.  ‘I’ll see you at school tomorrow then.’


Saki:うん。じゃまた。  Un. Ja mata.  ‘Yep. See you.’


You:バイバイBai bai.  ‘Bye.’


Saki:バイバイ。  Bai bai.  ‘Bye.’


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