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Exercise 6: Thanks


Situation 2: Sample Dialogue

(Accepting and Thanking for a ride)


Saki:あ、しんちゃん。今、帰り?   A, Shin chan.  Ima kaeri?  ‘Oh, Shin!  Are you on your way home?’


You: さきちゃん。そうなんだよ。でもこの雨でしょ。  Saki chan. Sou nandayo.  Demo kono ame desho.  ‘Hey Saki.  Yeah, I’m going home, but look at this rain.’


Saki:じゃあ、乗ってく?  Jaa, notteku?   ‘You want a ride?’


You:、いいの?  E, iino?  ‘Really?  Are you sure?’


Saki:うん、いいよ、いいよ。  Un, iiyo, iiyo.  ‘Yeah, no problem.’


You:ありがとう。これでぬれなくてすむよ。  Arigatou.  Korede nure nakute sumuyo.  ‘Thanks.  I won’t have to get wet then.’

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