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Coffee Break: Thanks

Situation: A college student has hurt his leg in a basketball game and the leg is visibly injured.  As he gets on a train, a woman in her 70s offers him her seat. 

おばあさん:ちょっと、すいません、どうぞ。座ってください。  Chotto, suimasen, douzo suwatte kudasai‘Excuse me, please have a seat (here).’

学生:あ、お気になさらずに。ほんとに。  A, okini nasarazuni.  Hontoni.  ‘Oh, don’t worry, please.’

おばあさん:だって、足大変でしょ。座ってください。  Datte ashi taihendeshoSuwatte kudasai‘But it must be tough with your leg.  Please sit down. 

学生あ、でもすぐ降りますんで。ほんとにありがとうございます。  A, demo sugu orimasundeHontoni arigatou gozaimasu‘But I’m getting off very soon.  Thank you very much anyway.’ 

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