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Exercise 11: Simulation Exercises for Making a Request


Read the situation below and complete the dialogue as if you were actually carrying on a real conversation with the other person. Type into each box in the sequence what you would most likely say at that point in the interaction. Later you will be asked to reflect on your language use.



Your friend gave you a movie ticket that is good only until the day after tomorrow, but unfortunately you are scheduled to work at your part-time job for the next two evenings and that conflicts with the show times. Your senpai, a senior in a music club you belong to also works part-time at the same clothing store but happens to have the day after tomorrow off. When you see her at the music club, you decide to ask her if she is willing to cover for you that evening.



1. You:


Senpai: あ、なに? A, nani?

2. You:


Senpai: ああ、そう。まあ、いいけど、どうして? Aa, sou. Maa iikedo, doushite.

3. You:

Senpai: そういうことだったら、わかった。代わってあげるよ。 Souiu koto dattara, wakatta. Kawatte ageruyo.

4. You:




Listen to a sample dialogue and evaluate the appropriateness of your responses above. Fill in the chart below by commenting on your use of the following strategies in your language.

Listen to Sample Dialogue

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Common strategies that can be used in this situation

In this column, write down an evaluation of your responses.


  • Getting attention
  • Getting precommitment

Opening (Response 1)



  • Using an appropriate level of politeness
  • Speak hesitantly (e.g., using hedges like ano)
  • Showing consideration for the hearer
  • Offering reasons for the request
  • Offering compensation

Body (Responses 2 & 3)



  • Expressing gratitude
  • Expressing apologies

Closing (Response 4)


You can view transcript after submitting your response.

Listen to Another Sample Dialogue

(View this transcript after submitting your response.)


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