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Exercise 10: Simulation Exercises for Making a Request


Read the situation below and complete the dialogue as if you were actually carrying on a real conversation with the other person. Type into each box in the sequence what you would most likely say at that point in the interaction. Later you will be asked to reflect on your language use.



You are enrolled in a large class at a major university in Tokyo. A week before one of your course papers is due, you notice that you have two more long papers due the same week. You realize that it is not ever possible to finish them all by their respective due dates and decide to go to one of the instructors, Professor Tanaka, to ask for an extension on the paper for his course. This is the first time that you are talking to him in private. You approach him after the class session is over.


1. You:(You get his attention)

Tanaka Sensei: 何ですか? Nan desuka?

You: (You briefly introduce yourself.) あの、私今、田中先生のクラスを取っている岩田ですけれども。 Ano, watashi ima, Tanaka senseino kurasuwo totte iru Iwata desu keredomo.

Tanaka Sensei:ああ、はい。 Aa, hai.

2. You: (You explain your situation and make a request.)

Tanaka Sensei: でも、期日はお知らせしてあったでしょう? Demo kijituwa oshirase shite atta deshou?

3. You: (You admit it, and ask again.)

Tanaka Sensei: 仕方がないですね。じゃあ、今回だけ特別ということにしましょう。金曜日まで待ちますから、 必ずそれまで に提出してください。 Shikataga naidesune. Jaa, konkai dake tokubeto iukotoni shimashou. Kinyoubi made machimasu kara, kanarazu sore madeni teishutsu shitekudasai.

4. You: (You thank him.)

Tanaka Sensei: 今回だけですよ。 Konkai dake desuyo.

You: (You close the conversation.) わかりました。ありがとうございました。失礼します。 Wakari mashita. Arigatougozaimashita. Shitsurei shimasu.

Tanaka Sensei: はい、じゃあまた来週。 Hai, jaa mata raishuu.



Listen to a sample dialogue and fill in the chart below.

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Fill in this column below as you listen
to the sample dialogue. Write down
what the student says
in speaking to the professor.

Compare your responses to those in the left column. Self-evaluate your responses in this column in terms of the strategies given for each item.

Response 1. You get his attention and indicate you have a request to make.


  • Getting attention


Response 2. You explain your situation and make a request.


  • Speaking hesitantly
  • Offering reasons for the request
  • Using a downgrader
  • Using an appropriate level of politeness


Response 3. You admit it and ask again.


  • Speaking hesitantly
  • Expressing apologies
  • Using an appropriate level of politeness


Response 4. You thank him.


  • Expressing gratitude


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Here is another sample dialogue for your reference.

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