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Exercise 1: Refusals



Situation 2: Dialogue 2  (Refusing an offer)


The parts in red are the refusal expressions you’ve been asked to write down.  The parts in blue are other important supporting strategies that will be covered more fully later in the unit.



先生:あ、あの、先週授業中にお話した、あのゼミのあのパーティーの件なんですけど、  A. ano, sennshuu jugyouchuuni ohanashi shita, ano zemino ano paatiino ken nandesu kedo,  ‘About the party for the seminar class that I spoke to you about in class last week’


学生:はい。  Hai.  ‘Yes?’


先生:えーと、来れます?  Eeto, koremasu?  ‘Can you come?’


行くことができないんですけれども。  A, ano, moushiwake arimasen, ano, chotto ano arubaitono houga haitte mashite, ano, ikukotoga dekinain desu keredomo.  ‘Well, I’m afraid that um, I have to work part-time and um, I won’t be able to come.’


先生:そう。  Sou.  ‘Oh, is that right?’


学生:はい。  Hai.  ‘Right.’


Daibu nagai aida, un, chotto osoku made yaruto omounda keredomo korenai kashiranee.  ‘I think we are going to be there for quite some time until a bit late into the evening.  You don’t think you could come at all?’


Aa, sou desuka, kekkou, konkai arubaito, ano yoru osoku made haitterun desuyo.  ‘Oh, really?  My work is until pretty late into the evening as well.’


先生:あ、そう。  A, sou.  ‘Oh, okay.’



Ee, sorede chotto moushiwake nain desu keredomo ano, konkai dakewa chotto, ano, enryosasete itadakoukana, toomotte masunode.  ‘Well, I’m really sorry, but I don’t think I can make it just this time.’


先生:あ、そう、じゃ、しかたないわね。じゃ、今度また、っていうことで。  A, sou, ja, shikata naiwane.  Ja, kondo mata, tteiu kotode.  ‘Okay, then that’s that.  Maybe some other time.’


学生:すみません。よろしくお願いします。  Sumimaen.  Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.  ‘I’m sorry.  Thanks for your understanding.’


先生:はい、じゃまた後で。  Hai, ja mata atode.  ‘All right, see you later,’


学生:はい、どうも失礼します。  Hai,  doumo shitsurei shimasu.  ‘Good-bye.’


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