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Exercise 1: Refusals



Situation 1: Dialogue 2  (Refusing an offer)


The parts in red are the refusal expressions you’ve been asked to write down.



友達A: ね、ともこ、来週の土曜日、うちで鍋やるんだけど来ないみんなも来るよ。  Ne, Tomoko, raishuuno doyoubi, uchide nabe yarundakedo konai?  Minnamo kuruyo.  ‘Hey, Tomoko, why don’t you come to my place for a nabe (hot  pot) party next Saturday?  There is going to be a crowd of people.’


友達B: えー、鍋!来週はね、バイトが入ってるの。  Ee, nabe!  Raishuuwane, baitoga haitteruno.   Nabe party!  I have to work part-time.’


友達A: あ、バイトか、だったら仕方がないかもね。  A, baitoka, dattara shikataga nai kamone.  ‘Oh, if it’s work, you can’t really do anything about it.’


友達B: いやー、残念。また誘ってね。  Iyaa, zannen.  Mata sasottene.  ‘That’s too bad.  Invite me again some other time.’


友達A:うん。  Un.  ‘Sure.’


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