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Exercise 1: Refusals



Situation 1: Dialogue 1  (Accepting an offer)


The parts in red are the expressions you’ve been asked to write down.



友達A: あ、とも君。  A, Tomo-kun.  Hey, Tomo-kun.’


友達B: ん、何  N, nani?  ‘Yeah?’    


友達A: 来週の土曜日さ、うちで鍋やるんだけどさ、来ない?  Raishuuno doyoubisa, uchide nabe yarundakedo konai?   ‘Why don’t you come to my place for a nabe (hot  pot) party next Saturday? ’


友達B: あ、絶対行くよ。いつ?  A, zetttai ikuyo.  Itsu?  Oh, I’ll definitely come.  When (what time)?’


友達A: えーとねえ、そうねぇ、じゃあ7時ぐらいにうちに来てくれる?  Eetonee, sounee, jaa hichiji guraini uchini kite kureru?  ‘Well, then can you come over at around 7?’


友達B: オッケー、オッケー。じゃあ絶対行くね。ありがとう。  Okkee, okkee.  Jaa zettai ikune.  Arigatou.  ‘Okay, I’ll come for sure. Thanks.’


友達A: うん。  Un.  ‘All right.’


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