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Exercise 9: Simulation Exercises for Making a Refusal


A good friend f yours, Kunie, approaches you after class and asks if you could meet with her and edit her English paper this evening. You want to help her, but you have to study for your Japanese final exam tomorrow. You remember that when you helped her last time, it took a good two hours. Her paper this time seems even longer, so you really don’t have time for it tonight.

Kunie: ねえ、明日までの学期末の英語のレポート、見てくれない? Nee, ashita madeno gakkimatsuno eigono repooto, mite kurenai?

1. You: (You refuse the request by telling her you have an exam yourself tomorrow.)


Kuni: そこをなんとかお願い! Sokowo nantoka onegai!

2. You: (You apologize and refuse again.)

Kuni: そうか、無理かあ。 Souka, murikaa.

3. You: (You give an alternative or two to help her.)

Kuni: そうか、じゃあ、悪いけどそうしてもらえる?ほんとにありがとう。 Souka, jaa, waruikedo soushite moraeru? Hontoni arigatou.


Self Evaluation

Listen to a sample dialogue and evaluate your responses by filling in the chart below.  Read the instructions in each column and write down an appropriate response in the box. 

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Fill in this column below as you listen
to the sample dialogue. Write down
what the second speaker says
in response to the first.


Compare your responses to those in the left column. Self-evaluate your responses in this column in terms of the strategies given for each item.

Response 1. You refuse it by telling him you have an exam tomorrow.


  • Making a direct/indirect refusal
  • Giving a reason
  • Using an appropriate level of politeness



Response 2. You apologize and refuse again.


  • Making a direct/indirect refusal
  • Apologizing
  • Speaking hesitantly (e.g., hedging, incomplete sentences)


Response 3. You give an alternative or two to help him.




  • Giving an alternative



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Here is another sample dialogue for your reference.

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