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Exercise 10: Simulation Exercises for Making a Refusal


You have been working part-time for about a month in a local restaurant. Your boss, the owner of the restaurant, is a man in his late 50s. He likes classical music, and tells you today that he is looking for someone to go to a concert with, since his wife and friends are not big on classical music. Although you belong to a music club at the university, you are not a big fun of classical music either. Also, you have heard that in Japan, concerts are very expensive and that you need to dress up for a classical one. You decide to refuse his invitation.

Your boss: 来週の土曜日なんだけど、あの、クラシックのコンサートのチケットが一枚余ってるんだよ。だから、一緒にどうかなあ、と思って。 Raishuuno doyoubi nandakedo, ano, kurasshikkuno konsaatono chikettoga ichimai amatterundayo. Dakara isshoni doukanaa, toomotte.

1. You:

Your boss: うちの家族に急用が入っちゃってね。 Uchino kazokuni kyuuyouga haicchattene.

2. You:

Your boss: やっぱりだめかなあ。 Yappari damekanaa.

3. You:


Self Evaluation

Let’s evaluate the appropriateness of your responses above. Fill in the chart below by naming the strategies you used and evaluating your use of strategies and language.

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In this column, identify the strategies you used in your response.


Write down below an evaluation of your use of strategies and language in your respective response.

Response 1



Response 2



Response 3



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