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Exercise 9: Simulation Exercises for Giving  Compliments

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  • As in performing other speech acts, using an appropriate level of politeness (the plain form, the polite desu/masu form, very polite form, or combinations) is an important strategy in giving and responding to compliments.

  • Using appropriate adjectives/adverbs, as well as selecting appropriate complimenting topics, is key in giving compliments.

  • When speaking to someone older in age and/or higher than you in status, using appropriate phrasing is an important strategy in giving compliments (especially about the hearer’s performance or ability as in Situation 2 in this exercise).  Review Exercise 1 [link]

  • Remember to use appropriate tone of voice in real-life communication.  Pronouncing your intensifiers and adjectives emphatically will help to make your compliment sound sincere.

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