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Exercise 1: Compliments/Responses to Compliments

Situation 1 : Sample Dialogue

The parts in red are the compliments you’ve been asked to write down.

友達A:たかちゃん、さっきのプリゼン、ほんとよかったよ。  Taka-chan, sakkino purizen, honto yokattayo.  ‘Taka-chan, your presentation was very good.’

友達B:ほんと?ありがとう。  Honto?  Arigatou.  ‘Really?  Thanks.’

友達A:よくまとまってて、わかりやすかった。  Yoku matomattete, wakariyasukatta.  ‘It was well organized and easy to understand.’

友達B:あれね、けっこう時間かかったんだ。  Arene, kekkou jikan kakattanda.  ‘Well, it took quite a bit of time.'


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