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Exercise 2: Observing Compliments in Japanese -2


Although the compliments you gave in Exercise 1 were about someone’s performance (or his/her certain ability), compliments about appearance or possessions are also commonly heard in Japanese.

Situation 1

A close friend of yours, Naoko, is wearing a new T-shirt she just brought back from her trip to New York during summer vacation. You notice it immediately and say to her:



Situation 2

You are taking a seminar with Professor Nakajima, who is a young and friendly junior instructor, not much older than you. Today she is wearing a new outfit that really looks good on her. As she approaches you to return your paper before class, you say to her:

2. You:


3. Listen to sample dialogues in these situations. Compare the flow of the conversations. What are the differences between the two?

Listen Sample Dialogue: Situation 1

Listen to Sample Dialogue: Situation 2

View Transcript: Situation 1

View Transcript: Situation 2

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