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Exercise 1: Observing Compliments in Japanese -1


Now imagine that you are a student at a Japanese university. A good friend of yours, Takako, has just made an excellent presentation in class today. After class, you go up to her to compliment her on her performance.

1. Think for a moment what you would say to Takako. Write your words in the box below just as if you were saying it to her directly.


2. Now, let’s listen to a sample dialogue between two friends. Observe their language carefully. Write down the compliments the first speaker gives to the other.

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Situation 2

The class you take with Professor Hashimoto was very well done today as always. He is an experienced senior professor, about 30 years older than you. Today’s lecture was easy to understand and cleared up all the questions you had about the topic. You are so appreciative about this that you decide to tell him this after class.

3. What would you say to Professor Hashimoto?


4. Listen to a sample dialogue between two speakers. What does the student say to the professor?

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5. Let’s review these two compliments above. The first one was directed at a friend (someone close to you and of similar age and status), while the other was for a teacher (someone older in age and higher in status, who is probably more distant from you than a good friend). In what way do you think these situational differences may influence the way you give compliments?

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