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Exercise 9: Simulation Exercise for Apologizing – 1  

Apology expressions used by Japanese students (in the order of frequency)


1)    申し訳ありません   moushiwake arimasen type

2)    すみません   sumimasen type

3)    失礼しました   shitsurei shimashita type

4)    許してください   yurushite kudasai type

5)    恐れ入ります   osore irimasu type

6) ご迷惑をお掛けします   gomeiwakuwo okake shimasu type


These apology expressions may be intensified with the use of, for example, hontouni, doumo, taihen, and makotoni.  Usually these intensifiers are pronounced emphatically to communicate a sincere tone of voice.



These data in Exercise 9 are based on a study by Hayashi (1999).


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