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Exercise 10: Simulation Exercise for Apologizing - 2


Read the situation below and complete the dialogue as if you were speaking in real life. Type your answers in the boxes, then click on “Submit” to send your answers.

Situation: You forget a get-together for a brunch with a good friend of yours, Megumi. You call her to apologize. She is a nice person and usually hard to offend, but this is already the second time you’ve forgotten such a meeting.

Megumi: (on the phone) はい、もしもし、西川です。Hai, moshi moshi, Nishikawa desu.

1. You:

Megumi: あ、どうしたの? A, doushitano?

2. You:


Megumi: あ、そうだったの。A, sou dattano.

3. You:


Megumi: うーん。U-n.

4. You:


Megumi: わかった、いいよ。じゃあ、また今度ね。Wakatta, iiyo. Jaa, mata kondone.

5. You:


Megumi: じゃまたね。Ja matane.

6. You:



Now listen to a sample dialogue between two friends. Note that this is just one appropriate example and there are many other good ways to give apologies.

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Compare the sample dialogue with the responses you gave above from several perspectives.

7. Evaluate the appropriateness of your apology expression(s) you used.

8. Evaluate the appropriateness of the number of times you used the apology expression(s).

9. Evaluate the appropriateness of your reason for causing the infraction.


10. Evaluate your use of other strategies. What strategies did you use, and how appropriate do you think they were?

11. What would you do to present your apology in a sincere tone of voice? Review the tips in Exercise 8

12. Evaluate the appropriateness of the overall politeness level in your language (e.g., use or non-use of keigo such as: the plain form or the polite desu/masu form).

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