Hebrew Exercises

Welcome to the exciting world of improving your Hebrew on the Internet! For your educational pleasure, we have set up several types of interactive exercises. In order to get the maximum benefit from these exercises, you must have on your computer the following:

Hebrew character fonts

In order to read the Hebrew in these exercises, you will need to have several Hebrew character fonts installed on your computer and selected as the default font for your Web browser. If you have not already done this (-- a good way to check is to see if you can read the Hebrew title at the top of this page --) then follow these steps:

1. Download Hebrew fonts now (at no cost) from This site is a service of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; the site is secure, so you are not jeopardizing your system in any way by downloading the fonts from this site. Fonts are available for all different kinds of systems (e.g., Macintosh, PC, etc.), so when you get to this website read carefully so that you follow the instructions that are appropriate for your computer system. Downloading the fonts can sometimes take several minutes, so please be patient! When you have finished downloading the fonts, follow the instructions provided with the fonts for installing them onto your system. Once you have the fonts installed on your system, you do not need to go through this procedure again.

2. To use these fonts with your Web browser, you will have to select one of the Hebrew fonts as the default font under the Fonts preferences or options setting on your browser. Some character fonts work better than others for certain sites; if you are having trouble reading the text for certain sites, try changing to a different Hebrew font.

RealAudio Player

The sound files that accompany these exercises have been formatted using the RealAudio Encoder, so to hear them properly you must have the RealAudio Player installed on your computer system. The player is free from the RealAudio website; follow the instructions there for downloading and installing the version of the player that is appropriate for your computer system and type of Internet connection.

Now you are ready for your Hebrew Adventure!

Check out the list of cool computer vocabulary.



These exercises are a good place to start because all you have to do is listen. Read the text of a dialogue or short story, then click on the photo and you can listen to it, too.


In these exercises, you will be presented with two photos and two written descriptions. Decide which photo matches which description and click on the photos to check your answer.


In these exercises, you will hear a sentence about a photo and you need to choose from five sentences which one you heard. Click on the photo to hear the sentence and then click on the sentences to check your answer.


In this exercise, you will essentially be following a written map to get to certain sites. You should either open up two browsers so you can continue to consult the directions throughout the hunt, or you should print the directions out. There are written questions to answer at every site in the directions.
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